Governing Body

The Fabindia School is managed by a not-for-profit Society called the Bhadrajun Artisans Trust, registered with the Registrar of Societies in Delhi. The Bhadrajun Artisans Trust (BAT) was established by William and John Bissell to build social development programs with a focus on education and crafts.

Members of the Society

1. Mr Sandeep Dutt - Chairman
2. Ms Prableen Sabhaney - Treasurer
3. Ms Poonam Singh Chauhan - Secretary
4. Mr Ravi Kaimal
5. Mr Rajkumar Rodla
6. Ms Veena Suthar
7. Mr Yogendra Singh Mertiya

The Meeting Calendar for the year

February - Budget Meeting - Bali
May - Mid year review meeting - Delhi
Sept - Annual General Meeting - Delhi
November - Annual Day at School - Bali

School Management Committee (SMC)

The work of the SMC is four-fold:
• to serve as a demanding partner in engaging the Principal concerning the strategic direction of
   the school.
• to provide advice and counsel to the Principal with respect to curriculum and needs of the local
• to work with students and faculty in programs of interest.
• to assist in the development of the school.

Members of the SMC at The Fabindia School, Bali

1. Sulamain Tak - Chairman
2. Sandeep Dutt - Trustee, Bhadrajun Artisans Trust
3. Rajeshree Shihag - Secretary (Principal, The Fabindia School)
4. R. K. Rodla Trustee, Bhadrajun Artisans Trust
5. Rajendra Pal Devgan Educationist
6. Sumer Singh - Educationist
7. Ramila Tripash - Parent Representative
8. Pokar Ram - Parent Representative
9. Gopal Singh Ranawat - Parent Representative
10. Jafar Khan - Parent Representative
11. Aysha Tak - Teacher Representative
12. Yogendra Singh - Alumni President
13. Swabhi Parmar - Alumni Secretary
14. Veena Suthar - Parent Representative
15. Bharti Rao - Teacher Representative

Mr Sulamain Tak, M.A., M.Ed. Economics, has served as High School Principal, Education Development Officer, Deputy Officer Education Director, Additional District Officer, Education Officer, Deputy Director Secondary Education, Chairman Distance Education, Secondary Education, Bikaner. Principal at Bhalawada, College, a resident of Bali is the Chairman. He has written several books on Educational Management, Educational Organizations, translated Gujrati stories to Hindi. Mr Tak is a well-read educationist, with diverse knowledge and interest in the field of education.

Rajeshree Shihag - Principal, The Fabindia School, believes creativity is much more than just a skill. She is committed to introduce skills at a young age to promote entrepreneurship. She loves to inspire, engage, and encourage students by divulging creative thinking and problem-solving abilities to bring out the best learning in and out of the class rooms. With a Masters degree in English and Psychology, she did her undergraduate work in Physical Education (Swimming Specialization) and began her career at The American Embassy School, New Delhi. She has worked as an educator at schools like Mayo College Girls School, Ajmer, Pathways World School, Gurgaon and The Indian High School, Dubai.

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