The Fabindia School seeks partnerships with like minded organizations who provide support in kind as well as financial support towards its mission of empowering the youth of rural Rajasthan, especially girls, through high quality primary and secondary education.   

The Rohatyn Group
The Fabindia School and The John Bissell Scholars Fund gratefully acknowledges The Rohatyn Group (TRG) philanthropic program (NY, USA) for generous support during the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 academic years. The goals of TRG education grants are to improve basic education for low-income children, to increase access to basic education and to improve its quality in emerging market countries where TRG operates. 

The Doon School, India
Known for raising the best diplomats, politicians and leaders of India, The Doon School is helping the school to train its teachers and empower them with latest teaching methods, identify learning disabilities in children and to keep abreast with latest teaching and learning practices. Dr. Peter Mclaughlin the Headmaster is Member Advisory Board for The Fabindia School. The Fabindia School teachers visit the Doon School for training and learning.

Scindia School, India
With its Indian values rich cultural heritage, the school is a great partner for us. They host exchanges for teachers and students. The Fabindia School teachers visit for training learning. The Fabindia School is does a service project with The Scindia School.

MaharanI Gayatri Devi School, India
The school hosts exchanges of girls and visits The Fabindia School in exchange. Our school participates in any cultural as well as inter school activity in Jaipur. Our thanks for their great support!

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