The John Bissell Scholars Fund

The John Bissell Scholars Fund (JBSF) was established in 2001 in memory of John Bissell, the visionary founder of Fabindia and one of the Fabindia School founders. Its purpose is to provide scholarships for financially needy students at The Fabindia School in Bali, Rajasthan. JBSF has also raised money for an endowment to ensure the longevity and continued expansion of the school, with an emphasis on strong female enrollment. In addition, generous supporters have helped to fund new buildings, a new computer center and a new science lab. Steering Committee A small group of long term supporters and advocates for the school form the JBSF

Steering Committee
These individuals reflect the dedication and commitment to the school's mission and support for girls' education. Steering Committee members: Cely Arndt, Bim Bissell, Dick Celeste & Jacqueline Lundquist, Jim & Mally Cox-Chapman, Subodh & Meena Chandra, Marty Chen, Aylette Jenness, Evie Lovett, Liz Moynihan, Phyllis Nauts & Hendon Chubb, Barbara Powell, Tim & Marie Prentice, Hector & Erica Prud'homme, John & Julia Scott, Kathy Sreedhar, Charley Todd, Sukey Wagner and Blaikie, Bob Worth & Katherine Allen.

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