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The Fabindia School is located in the village of Bali in Pali District, Rajasthan, India. The beautiful Aravalli mountain range forms the backdrop for the area which is part of the Godwad region of South West Rajasthan. The school is a few kilometers from the main, central road and has a large, 8 acre campus with more than half of the land remaining green area. 

Getting There
Bali is along the railway line connecting Jaipur to Ahmedabad and falls about half way between Jodhpur (to the North) and Udaipur (to the South).  The closest train station is in Falna which is 8 kilometers North of Bali.  The two closest airports to Bali are in Udaipur and Jodhpur.  

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History of Bali
In 1240 AD King Sarubali Baldev won the land of Bali in a battle and crowned the area his royal capital, naming it Bali after himself.  Legends say that the Pandava children, known throughout India from the great Indian epic Mahabharata, used to play childhood games in this area and a water well still exists which was formed by Bhima, one of the Pandavas.  In 1608 AD King Balasingh constructed the Fort of Bali to protect the city and a wall was built around the city edges to protect it from attack.  The town planning is based on ancient geometrical, astrological and architectural laws. 

Current Status of Bali
As off the latest Indian census in 2010, Bali had a population of 19,879 with 11.5% of the population younger than 6 years old.  The average literacy rate in Bali is 65%, compared to the national average of 74.04%, with 75.6% male literacy and 54.3% female literacy.  All the state administrative officials have offices in Bali which make it stand out amongst its neighboring areas and is considered one of the five "major towns" in the Pali district. The area is still widely agricultural, with wheat, mustard, pulses and cotton as the main crops.

Local Areas of Interest

  • Ranakpur Jain Temples: The famous Jain temples of Ranakpur are 25 km from Bali and are the biggest and most famous Jain temples in Rajasthan. Built in 1439, the temples are renowned for their intricate carvings and are breathtaking. The temple compound includes 29 halls, supported by 1444 pillars, each carved from white marble with a distinctive design.
  • Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary: Situated in the Aravalli mountain range and famous for a wide range of birds and animals, including leopards and antelope.
  • Ancient Forts: There are many historic forts and castles (rawlas) in the area, including the Kumbhalgarh Fort, Ganerao Fort and Narli Fort. 
  • There are many beautifully carved temples within Bali


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