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The school is delighted to host a range of visitors, from across India and abroad, who share our educational interests. Please contact us if you will be traveling in Rajasthan and would like to visit the school.  We would love to welcome you as part of the extended Fabindia School community. 

Notes from Previous Visitors

"I was in the new computer lab and the head girl and a partner were making a power point presentation and asked me to suggest the topic, so I said 'Birds, like those you see around the school.'  When I came back after a while to see what they were doing, I saw the following slide: 'Birds are the ones that fly high to reach their dreams.'  We thought that was wonderful."
Bob Repetto, CT USA

"It was an absolutely fantastic visit.  I am so impressed.  The school is a wonderous place - I wish I could take a year off to teach there."

T. Swayze, VT USA

"We had such an amazingly inspirational experience at the school.  I am a former public school teacher [many years ago and many vocations ago] so I was quite appreciative of the effort of administrative and faculty leadership at the school."
Nan Burroughs, CT USA

"The one on one communication with the senior student guides was astounding to all of us as was the quality of the science projects and the visits to individual classrooms. We left the school inspired by what can be achieved in a remote area. Dedicated teachers and patrons who guide the progress of the children have transformed lives forever. This is remarkable India at work. Congratulations to everybody involved. Please visit the school and see firsthand what a fantastic education these children are receiving."             
Neil Greentree/ Debra Diamond, Washington, DC USA

"An extraordinary experience, being with these brilliant students."
Madhukar Khera, Panipat, India

"We were among the group who visited your school last December. We were very impressed with the teachers, the students, and the quality of education your school offers…with our sincere admiration and best wishes."
Mary and Donald Graham, Washington, DC USA

"I keep remembering those beautiful attentive children sitting as the program went on and thinking: "These are India's leaders of tomorrow."  I can't help but mention how proud I was of those wonderful little girls taking their places right up front."
Margaret Bright, Delaware USA

"I was blown away by the experience, and this after a lifetime of teaching and observation in schools from Alaska to Nigeria, from Boston to Los Angeles. To me, these kids exemplified the very best in education.  Between classes, outdoors, they approached me full of thoughtful questions, carefully articulated. They listened to my answers. They answered my questions with a palpable sense of self-respect and pride in their lives, their families and especially their school. In class, they were alert and engaged. They took turns responding to their teachers' discussion questions. I thought about other classrooms I'd observed where students were bored and zoned out; where the time spent on discipline exceeded the time spent on fruitful teaching. There was none of that at the Fabindia School."
Aylette Jenness, Boston MA USA
Retired Director of The Multicultural Program of The Boston Children's Museum


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