"I have done nothing but assist in one of the creative efforts to address primary education in an effective way, by people who are not only devoted to the objective but have a superb capacity to implement. The objective is worthy and the Bissells are, and have been, dedicated to the task for many years. Anyone providing support to this work cannot be anything but pleased at the progress and happy at the association with it."
- Anonymous Donor, November 2007 

Your support for The Fabindia School directly enables the school to achieve its mission of providing high quality rural education for girls and students who are socially and economically marginalized.   There are many ways to support the school including financial donations, volunteering, visiting the school, sharing your expertise and providing material support.   

How to Donate
We are grateful to the continued support of generous individual donors who have provided vital girls' scholarship funds.  Individual donors have also enabled the school to expand its curriculum, resources and endowment.  Recent examples include the sponsorship of a new science lab and computer center.  You can specify how you would like your donation to be used or leave it up to The Fabindia School to decide how to best allocate your contribution.

If you reside in the US or are a US citizen and would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please refer to the John Bissell Scholars Fund for more information about making a charitable gift.   

For all others who would like more information about making a charitable donation, please contact Sandeep Dutt at chairman@fabindiaschols.in

Gifts in Kind
As resources and conditions vary greatly in Rajasthan compared with other parts of the world, often materials and equipment cannot be used as intended.  In general, we encourage cash donations so that resources can be purchased locally according to existing circumstances.  However, if you have a specific idea or interest in making a gift in kind, we encourage you to contact us.

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